World Leader in OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Since 1980, FourGreen has been a global leader in wholesale and retail sales of OEM and aftermarket parts for mainly Korean vehicles such as Hyundai, Kia, Ssangyong, and Daewoo. FourGreen specializes in hard-to-obtain parts for new and legacy vehicle models. They ship globally and have a worldwide presence in major automotive hubs like Detroit, Seoul, and Dubai.

With Motor City Auto's focus on accessories, we've partnered with FourGreen to offer their high-quality OEM and aftermarket accessories and gain access to millions of OEM SKUs .


Over 1 Million Parts

With a continuously growing database of parts, FourGreen sources thousands of different parts a year for their customers and has access to over 1 million unique part numbers. With a sourcing team located directly in Seoul's manufacturing and automotive hub, they're able to source and ship parts within days if not hours. 

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