Motor City Auto Kia Telluride 2020 V6

Kia's new Telluride is so popular right now, within the company they're calling it the "Sell-u-ride". With it's modern and stylish exterior along with the spacious and luxurious interior, the truck is a first-rate knockout.

It's flying off the lot, but competition is hot on Kia's tails. Ford, VW, and Toyota aren't resting on their laurels while Kia enjoys the success of the Telluride.


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Kia's new Telluride three-row SUV is insanely popular right now. We knew it would be—it's so good, and we named it our SUV of the Year—and based on reader interest and the fact that it's flying off dealer lots like cows in tornadoes, that's unlikely to change in the near term. In fact, Kia is so excited about its sales performance that internally its employees refer to the Telluride as the "Sell-u-ride." At least, according to James Bell, Kia's director of corporate communications, who shared the amusing nickname at the recent launch of the two-sizes-smaller Seltos.

Yes, it is pronounced "sell-you-ride," in a riff on the Tell-you-ride's name. But Telluride sales are no joke. After launching in 2019, the SUV has burst into 2020 like the Kool-Aid man through a wall, with 4,919 of the handsome people movers sold in January. The Telluride sold 5,080 in March 2019, its first full month of sales, meaning it hasn't lost much, if any, sales steam in nearly a year. Units are only sticking around on dealer lots for seven to nine days, according Bell. In total, Kia moved 58,604 examples of the Telluride last year, a figure sure to improve this year with a full 12 months of sales.


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